Dear Eric,

    "Just saw the newest stacking chair Global Allies Ad in HD magazine for the 1st time and I think it  

      looks outrageous. I do not think that there is a better, cleaner, hipper ad in the magazine. Today we 

     sent out a quote for a substantial quantity of stacking chairs to a design firm that called because 

     someone saw the ad (and then passed it around the office)...job very well done!"


     Adam Kubryk

     Global Allies, LLC Lockeford, CA

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    "Eric Bauer's presentation was tailored specifically as our company had requested and met all of the 

     needs of this organization. That is significant, given our spread of experience. We were impressed with

     the centrality of thought and fresh viewpoints."


     George Inman

     HealthCare Consultants of America

     Augusta, GA

    "Eric Bauer's services are proving to be invaluable. With my schedule, I would never have the time

     available to pursue this exciting venture. I am impressed with the firm's knowledge of the hospitality

     industry and it's ability to connect with global manufacturers. The marketing materials are first-rate

     and I am especially pleased with the Web site that they built for us."


     Barry Heller

     M.D. Pres/CEO Hospitality Hygiene Products

     Chief of Staff St. Marys Medical Center / Long Beach, CA

    "Eric Bauer creates a tremendous value for us. He provides us first rate advertising, PR, motivational

     sales trainings, and he built our new web site that is bringing us an unbeliveable amount of new

     customers. However his experience in the industry and his consulting abilities is where I think his real

     value lies for me and both our companies."

     Isaac Kubryk, CEO

     Elements by Grapevine
     Global Allies, LLC.
     Lockeford, CA

    "Eric Bauer's marketing team provides us time-saving benefits and enables us to provide our

     customer's the same thing. More and more of our customers are utilizing our web site and gaining

     access to our companies' catalogs in the time frame that works for each customer. Eric has built the 

     infrastructure for our business that will propel us forward in the years ahead."

    Lauri & Howard Kerzner
    Kerzner Enterprises
    Manufacturer's Sales Representatives
    Home Furnishings & Hospitality Industries

    "Eric Bauer and his staff place a high value on my time. If is refreshing to work with an advertising

      and internet marketing agency that has such a complete understanding of my business model. That,          in and of itself, saves me time."

     Steven Gordon, CEO
     Green Lives Here, LLC.


    "I am so excited about winning the ARTS AWARD that I can't come up with words to express myself.   

      Eric, without your guidance and assistance on the book, I know that I would not have won.  It is a 

      great honor and I will always be grateful to you for your help and assistance in all of the preparation.  

      Please also express my appreciation to your entire staff for all their hard work."

     B.J. Ferber

     Bill Ferber & Associates, Inc.

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