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We believe in a heavily-weighted Public Relations campaign in conjunction with advertising .

Editors at both trade and consumer publications are seeking stories, news, and new product information from companies in their respective industry. They are also in search of companies that are offering products and services pertinent to today's consumer and their respective lifestyles.


Editorial print is known as "free-advertising". It has also been described as the "best-advertising that money can't buy"!


It is in fact just that! Publicity cannot be purchased, rather it is the discretion of the editors that determines who gets the ink. Every editor has an obligation to write about that which is newsworthy. To maintain the integrity of each publication, a magazine cannot only provide editorial information about its advertisers.


Is there a science to increasing your company's editorial exposure? We'd like to think so. And to some degree the science lies in saving people time, not only the editors, but each magazine's art department as well. The professionals at Eric Bauer Marketing diligently craft well-written professional press releases on behalf of its client companies. The firm further provides high-resolution digital images with corresponding marketing pieces that are both rich in information and visually dramatic PR presentations to the editors on an ongoing and most importantly, timely basis. We respect and meet the editor's deadlines and so should you!


The results of continued editorial exposure in your company's industry trades create an all important lead-flow. Your customers and potential customers use editorial print in their favorite trade magazines as a blueprint or a roadmap to the the showrooms that they'll visit at any given market. As a result of your editorial placements, potential customers will communicate their interest in obtaining more information about your company through reader inquiries. Your follow-up on these leads is imperative!


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