Getting E_Smart is a program whereby you are consistently putting your agency and the company(s) you represent in front of your customers (and potential customers) with exciting, dramatic and extremely visual E-Newsletters, including Invitations, Advertising, Promotions, New Introductions, Holiday and Seasonal Greetings.




More ways to Get E-Smart


Saving people time is one of the greatest added values you can offer your customer today. Providing your customers with the tools to order merchandise when they need it, shows respect and shows that you value your customers' time.

Today, sales representatives need to "market" their agencies and their factories. Assist your customer by providing all the necessary information so that they may access your factories' products and net prices at their convenience. If you'll do that, you will see your sales increase.

If you are not making visual presentations in the inboxes of ALL your existing customers at least 3 times a month, please contact us and let us show you how you can connect directly to your customers in a time-frame that works for them.



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